About Us

Who We are

We are professional tattooists with over 60 years combined experience. We understand the struggle to find the perfect ink, so we created our own! By Paul Rollett previously of premium 2000 and Troy Waddington.

Established in 2012 after extensive research and testing. Manufactured in the UK, Shadowline Sumi ink is formulated to the highest possible standards. We are rapidly gaining status as one of the UK’s leading brands.

About our Ink

We are proud to offer a high-quality tattoo ink, which is available in an extensive range of sumi; including the blackest of black, the whitest of whites, and now the opaque set of greys to give you full tonal control.

We understand that tattooists like to customise their own black, but with our shades we believe we have covered most tones needed for everyday tattooing to give you the prefect shade of black every time.

We offer “Super Light”, “Light”, “Medium”, “Dark”, “Super Dark”, “Liner, Fill & Shade”, “White” and a range of opaque greys.

Shadow Line Sumi inks work into the skin effortlessly and heals to perfectionOur inks are superior quality and excellent value for money compared to our competitors - check it out for yourself! Don’t be fooled by clever marketing!

Our Clients

We are proud to work with some of the industries top artists, including Tom Wells, Matt Henshaw, Josh Hobden, Andy Ratford, Trystan Smith, Matthew Nutgall, Ryan Maggio, Mr. Green, Ollie Tye & Kerry Hutchison.


For all enquiries, please contact us here.


Like all tattoo ink, application of these products on very rare occasions may cause sensitivity to certain individuals. We disclaim any responsibility for any reaction to the individual to whom they are applied.


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